Our values

At A2D, we come together as a team around our values

  • Integrity: being true to our word
  • Authenticity: being ourselves, without disguising our thoughts
  • Honesty: being true and sincere
  • Respect: appreciating the importance of others, a guarantee of trust
  • Excellence: the key to innovation
  • Sobriety: optimising resources used and technical resources
  • Responsibility: towards oneself and others
  • Awareness: addressing environmental challenges


  • Respect for the United Nations sustainable development commitments and goals.
  • An engaged team, aware of environmental objectives and prepared to be proactive.

Together, day after day, we contribute to the development of trustworthy AI

  • We automate decision support processes through learning-based systems
  • We update new operational uses for your maintenance
  • We disseminate scientific knowledge