Our skills and strengths

Our added value lies in our ability to rapidly implement Data Science tools in the form of precise and reliable industrial solutions.

We structure our proprietary components as a software suite, designed in the form of large generic families to allow us to build Proof of Concepts very rapidly.

Sensors and acquisition protocols

We characterise raw data to tailor it to your intended usage.

Signal processing

Our proprietary tools enable us to process your various types of data of different granularities, including:

  • Synchronisation, realignment
  • Selection of variables, similarity measurements

Data analysis

We are experts in the sciences and technologies of pattern recognition, including:
  • Sorting and categorising
  • Merging and combining
  • False detection management

Deterioration modelling

We develop indicators to monitor the deterioration of your infrastructure, including:

  • Learning algorithms
  • Data consistency management
  • Behaviour modelling
  • Probabilistic models (Bayes, Markov)
  • Non-probabilistic models (non-Boolean logic, temporal networks)
  • Rule-based systems