Applications and software for the inspection and maintenance of infrastructure and engineering structures

Supervise your infrastructure to optimise your maintenance schedules.

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Our expertise

The key partner in data acquisition and processing, visualisation, interpretation and decision support.


Managing the quality of raw data
  • Definition of measurement acquisition protocols
  • Acquisitions
  • Data characterisation
  • Storage


Integrate the innovative process chain​
  • Constitution of  representative data sets
  • Design of the detection, analysis and monitoring system​
  • Implementation of Machine Learning algorithms​
  • Definition and implementation of performance indicators


Accelerate decision-making
  • Selection of decision-making tools​
  • Characterisation of decision quality
  • Design metric dashboards​
  • Visualisation of results​
  • Export

Our acquisition protocols

We implement various acquisition vehicles, with all the precision and reliability required for your decision-making.


Our solutions

Responding closely to your technical requirements

Acquisition and interpretation of images and videos (drone, lidar, underwater robot, etc.) or using images provided by the client, creation and management of point clouds, meshing, digital twin modelling and training of artificial neural networks are among the tools used to closely meet your technical requirements. These tools are integrated into dedicated professional applications;

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Our team to analyse your data

An team of expert analysts

We work daily to design, deploy and maintain your software applications.

Our skills and expertise stem from the sciences and techniques of data analysis and interpretation: signal processing, data analysis, machine learning, etc.

We work in close alignment with your needs in our offices in La Rochelle, as well as throughout France (Rennes, Marne-la-Vallée, Nancy and Nice-Sophia-Antipolis).

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We provide you with georeferenced, rapid, neutral and precise visualisation of the characteristics of your structures to accelerate the implementation of corrective actions and share them with all stakeholders.

Consult our experts to improve handling of your requests. Together, we will build effective and tailored solutions.

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