LINEA²D: Scheduled renovation of overhead power distribution infrastructure

Enedis conducts highly detailed inspections of its power lines to identify degraded equipment and prioritise replacement operations.

The current limitations of manual analysis by human experts (slow analysis, limited number of technicians capable of performing the analysis, cost of analysis) prevent a significant increase in the number of kilometres inspected, thereby limiting its ability to prevent incidents before they occur.

How can reliable and fast diagnosis be automated through the analysis of aerial images taken by a drone?

Our SaaS and edge solution

The proposed solution incorporates a Cloud services platform and Boxes hosting these services locally. This combination provides a distributed decision support system based on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

Human-Machine Interfaces facilitate interactions between Business Experts and AI, both in the learning phase and during recognition.

Client benefits

Fast, efficient and precise, with reduced production costs

Reduced costs of integration with Business Information Systems, thanks to a modular and secure architecture.

Centralisation of data uploading to a single platform, allowing sharing with stakeholders.

Harmonisation of presentation formats used by Business Experts

In summary

The developed application allows:

  • Acquisition of images of overhead infrastructure in real-time via a drone in flight,
  • Automatic real-time analysis of videos to detect power cables and various components connecting the cables to the pylon,
  • Segmentation of images of those elements, in interaction with a specialised diagnostic operator,
  • Analysis of those components to diagnose the degree of wear.