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Port du Futur Digital Innovation Award 2022

A2D and its partner OIP awarded at the 12th Conference of Port du Futur.

At the request of OIP, A2D designed a “software tool for decision support enabling the automatic analysis of deterioration of maritime infrastructures”, which received the Port du Futur 2022 Award in the Digital Innovation category at the 12th Conference of the Port du Futur.

We established the first life-size digital mapping of dry dock 1 and the automated computerised processing of images taken by a drone.

This tool therefore allows detection of structural anomalies (cracks, leaks, separation, etc.), monitoring of changes with each drone pass, and, most importantly, automatically alerting the officials at Port Atlantique La Rochelle responsible for infrastructure monitoring.

This requires a lot of preliminary work to collect and interpret data, but the information is then available quickly, allowing humans to determine the severity of the anomaly and make informed decisions.