BOSCA²D: Vegetation inventory

Power distribution companies must guarantee their customers, firstly, the safety of people and property in relation to risks associated with the presence of vegetation around the networks they operate and, secondly, high-quality distribution of electrical energy.

Our SaaS solution

Our team of experienced drone pilots, well-versed in the requirements of Enedis agents, inspects overhead lines and identifies vegetation that is too close to the network.

Automated exporting of a detailed report, along with photos and videos, makes it possible to list regulatory non-compliance points and to schedule pruning work.

Client benefits

The speed and agility of drone deployment for safely approaching infrastructure ensure rapid and precise inspection of the network

Continuity of the flow of SaaS deliverables, according to the drone pilots’ daily progress

Digitalisation of varied, precise and detailed information (texts, photos and geolocated videos) to accelerate the exhaustive preparation of maintenance operations.

In summary

The photographs taken enable the operator:

  • to have a comprehensive and georeferenced inventory of vegetation points,
  • to know the type of vegetation and degree of urgency of each situation,
  • to be able to assess at-risk zones in the immediate vicinity,
  • to view all the vegetation detected on the photos and videos supplied,
  • to receive the report file, which can be directly integrated into the relevant IT system.

It is worth noting that our secure application notifies the operator as information becomes available.